gallery Featuring Friday #2: BAFTA Winning Filmmaker and Storyboard Artist


Featuring Friday: A profile piece on various visual artists based in Scotland, published on the first Friday of the month.

On top of winning a BAFTA New Talent Award for his work as director of a series of commercials for LG Phones, Scottish filmmaker David Newbigging is also a self-taught illustrator and storyboard artist.

Several of his short films have traveled around the world and have been screened at film festivals in places like Bangkok, Paris, and Rome. After showing some of his storyboarding work to a colleague while working as a production assistant at Waterloo Road, David then went on to produce storyboards for commercials and short films.

The CORNR: Is there a storyboarding project you’ve worked on that’s been particularly difficult?

David Newbigging: It’s not a really difficult job. Storyboarding things is quite simple. Sometimes you get directors that just want you to look at…

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