Spotify Sunday: 27/11/16

Once a week, Spotify gifts its users with a tailor-made playlist filled with song recommendations based on their listening history and that of others with similar music taste. Every Spotify user’s Discover Weekly playlist is completely unique, but here are the top ten tracks from mine.

All Night – Ggoolldd

The opening song to Ggoolldd’s latest EP For the Night is a fun, 80’s inspired dream pop track. Filled with feel good synth-pop vibes, All Night is the perfect opener to the four track EP that was released last year. For the Night is the second EP from the Milwaukee band and it is available on both Spotify and SoundCloud. The music video for Ggoolldd’s latest single Undercovers is to be released tomorrow.

Early late – B. P. Valenzuela

B. P. Valenzuela is a 19-year old singer-songwriter from Manila who began her career by releasing both covers and original songs on her SoundCloud page. The synth-pop artist released her debut album Neon Hour  in 2015 and the first track Early late is a slow, sad song with sweet lyrics: Do the city lights bleed through the blinds / and bounce from your eyes / into the night from your window / where does your sorrow go / when you find yourself completely alone?  The track features clips from a phone conversation intertwined with Valenzuela’s melancholy vocals, which adds to the sense of loneliness Early late will leave you with.

Happy Pills – Weathers

The latest song from LA band Weathers is an indie-rock hit with a disjointed, unhinged tone and lyrics to match: the voices in my right brain / are kinda funny / they tell me “take a deep breath, it’s always sunny.” Despite the band only having two tracks on Spotify, the band has over 180,000 monthly listeners and this particular song has over 2 million plays. Weathers has played at festivals with the likes of The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Cage the Elephant and Panic! at the Disco, and Happy Pills is currently featured in Panic’s Raise Hell and Turn it Up Playlist.

How it Starts – The Bloom

The Bloom is a British three-piece indie-rock band and their debut single, How it Starts is a slow and sweet feel-good track. Released in May 2015, the song has an equally lovely music video  filmed by the seaside to add to the song’s warm and sunny vibes, even if it is the English seaside and therefore not too sunny. The band is mostly indie-rock with a touch of pop and sometimes folk-rock. The Bloom will be launching their new EP In the Sky this Thursday at The Proud Gallery in Camden with a free live show.


Lights On – El Jay Hall

The debut track from New Zealand band El Jay Hall is a rocky and upbeat one, sure to bring a smile to your face. The song is fun and fast-paced, with the music video for the track showing the band having fun whilst recording the song. My personal favourite from this week’s Discover Weekly playlist, Lights On won The Lowdown Best Song Award at the 2015 Smokefreerockquest National Final. The band has a similar sound to The Hunna and The Ludwigs.

Original Things – Dustin Hatzenbuhler

Original Things is the latest release from Dustin Hatzenbuhler since his debut album Fall in 2012. The new single was released in August 2016 and has a funky and groovy sound that is sure to get stuck in your head with its catchy chorus. The music video for the track was made by Hatzenbuhler himself and was released on his YouTube channel  where he also posts covers and acoustic versions of his own songs.

So High – All the Colours

The second song from All the Colours’ second album is a slow, sultry rock song. The three-piece rock ‘n’ roll band released Vol. 2  towards the end of 2015 via Repent Repeat. So High features lengthy guitar riffs and suggestive lyrics that tie in with the music video for the track which was released on November 25th 2015. The band describes their style as progressive vintage rock ‘n’ roll and similar artists include Born Cages and Van Damsel.

Turn Back into Stars – Panic is Perfect

The opening track on Panic is Perfect’s debut album Cellspace is an upbeat indie-pop song full of feel-good vibes.  The San Francisco based band released their first full-length album at the start of this year and it is available to stream for free on SoundCloud after the band released previews of each song on the site. The five-piece band lists Passion Pit, Phoenix and The Pixies among their influences.

Wonder – Big Sixes

The opening track of alternative band Big Sixes’ EP The Idols is a somewhat gloomy and pensive folk-rock number that was released on May 6th 2016. The song features vocals that are filled with emotion and range from being loud and powerful to soft and vulnerable. All five tracks on The Idols have the same melancholy tone, which is the latest and last release from the British band after the four-piece broke up earlier this year. As a farewell Big Sixes released a 20 track album on Spotify which features several demos and acoustic versions of their songs.

Young Heart – Twin Pines

The debut single from indie-pop band Twin Pines is upbeat and energetic at first glance but consists of lyrics that contradict the track’s tone: I don’t adore you / not anymore / you’ve lost your young heart. The Glasgow band released Young Heart on August 12th 2016, along with two remixes and an extended and instrumental version. The music video for the track was released through The Enigma Corporation on September 12th, however, shortly after a member left Twin Pines, all of the band’s social media accounts were deactivated on November 25th, so it looks like we won’t be hearing new music from them any time soon.

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